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Why You Should Work with a Designer on a Remodeling Project

Work with a Designer on a Remodeling Project to Save Time and Money

If you have a difficult time visualizing the end result of a home renovation you need a designer. Designers can provide detailed color renderings of the renovation and provide samples of the materials that will be used on the project (flooring, tile, countertops, paint, etc). There are many other reasons you might want to work with a designer on a remodeling project. Consider the following benefits.

A Designer Can Save You Time

For clients with limited time to devote to the project, designers can shop to pull together various materials and color options to present to the client. This allows the client to make selections more quickly and easily. 

Designers have the expertise to recognize fads. So, they can advise clients if their selections and decisions on the renovation are “timeless” in nature. Their recommendations can save a client money in the long run.

Designers Help Streamline the Construction Process

Designers often work “hand-in-glove” with the Contractor once the project is underway. They can answer questions in the field, providing a seamless experience for the homeowner.

Additionally, if you work with a designer, you are less likely to experience costly ‘change orders’ from their Contractor. This is because the designer makes all decisions on the front end before the project begins.  

Is It Worth it to Work with a Designer on a Remodeling Project?

Using a designer on a remodeling project does add a cost to the project. There is no doubt about that. But usually that cost is offset by the savings the designer provides the client overall.

Reliant Construction Group Works Closely with Designers

We work with many different interior designers on our home renovation projects. If you do not have a designer, we will be glad to put you in touch with one of the independent designers we recommend. Our team of professionals will work with your designer to make your dreams a reality – whether it’s a bathroom renovation, a kitchen renovation or a whole house renovation