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Wanted: Bathroom Contractor for Remodeling

To get the bathroom you are dreaming of, you need to use a bathroom contractor or remodeler like the professionals at Reliant Construction Group. With our extensive experience, we know we can design the perfect bathroom for you. Click this link to learn more about our custom master bathroom remodeling

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The Perfect Bathroom

Just what is the perfect bathroom? To some, it’s a bathroom like one you would find in a spa. To others, it’s a bathroom that’s functional and large enough for two people. For others, it’s a bathroom that will fit in a small space and still have everything you need. 

The Perfect Spa Bathroom

Consider these tips for creating a spa-like bathroom:

  • Choose the largest, most luxurious tub or shower you can afford.
  • Promote spa calmness, with a limited range of materials and a subdued color pallet.
  • Add an electric radiant heating system under a new floor.
  • Eliminate clutter by including plenty of storage. (Cluttered spaces rarely feel relaxing.) 

The Perfect 2-Person Bathroom

If you share a bath with another person, you’ll find it’s simpler when you take these features into consideration.

  • a toilet room
  • a separate tub and shower stall
  • double sinks or double 
  • wide pathways

The Perfect Small Bathroom

When designing a small bathroom, it’s important to use every square inch wisely. Here are some tips for maximizing space in a small bath:

  • use a clear shower enclosure
  • substitute hooks for towel bars
  • install a wall mounted sink, pedestal sink, or floating vanity
  • extend the sink’s countertop over the toilet
  • carve out storage niches in interior walls and in the shower 
  • use a pocket door

Reliant Construction Group: Nashville’s Best Bathroom Contractor

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