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Turning Your Kitchen into a Gourmet Kitchen 

Are you dreaming of turning your kitchen into a gourmet kitchen? This is a major renovation, so there are some things you need to think about before launching into this project. A gourmet kitchens needs lots of functional space. Most regular kitchens are not large enough to become a true gourmet kitchen, so look around for space that can be “annexed” from the surrounding rooms. 

A Standard Gourmet Kitchen

This s what turning your kitchen into a gourmet kitchen can look like.

These are the major features of many gourmet kitchens:

  • Pro-series appliances
    • 48″ refrigerator/freezer
    • 6-burner gas range
    • double ovens
    • 2 dishwashers
  • Heavy-duty range hood ventilation.
  • A large island with prep sink and ample countertop space. 
  • A large walk-in pantry or built-in pantry with pull out shelving.

Not All Gourmet Kitchens Are Alike

Your gourmet kitchen must meet your needs. If you are a “chef” you will need some different things than a “baker” will need. For example, a baker may want a marble countertop that is 30” high, and a chef may need a pot-filler faucet over the cooktop. 

If you have lots of “machines,” you may need a special storage area or a butler’s pantry to store these appliances. (Think of Sous Vide machines, dehydrators, blender/food processors, air-fryers, coffee makers, waffle makers, etc.)

If someone else cooks with you, you will need more room and perhaps more task areas. If you entertain in the kitchen, you’ll need a place for people to mingle and sit without being in your way as you cook. 

RCG Can Make Your Dream of Turning Your Kitchen into a Gourmet Kitchen Come True

Once you have figured out what you want and need, it’s time to contact an experienced remodeling contractor like RCG (Reliant Group Construction). Let’s get together and talk about your dream kitchen. Because we also do whole house remodeling, we can easily incorporate space from surrounding rooms to make your kitchen the size it needs to be. Give us a call today.