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Interior Remodel … A Great Alternative to Home Additions!

As one of the top home remodeling contractors Nashville has to offer, we understand that when you need more space, a complete interior remodel may be an ideal alternative to a home addition. Attics and unfinished basements can sometimes additional square footage to meet the needs of a growing family. If attics or basement space is unavailable, interior walls can often be removed or reconfigured. This opens new spaces to meet the goals of the project.

Reliant Construction Group is an excellent choice for contracting these projects. Our team has transformed hundreds of homes with interior renovations, including kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. We are licensed and insured.

whole-house renovation often includes newly configured kitchens and bathrooms, new flooring, and new paint throughout the home.  Reliant Construction Group guides our clients through the process of choosing the “right scope of work” for the budget.  Additionally, our goal is to deliver the highest quality of work available in the market.

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Are home additions a good investment?

The short answer is “maybe” …

Adding square footage to your existing home carries certain ‘fixed’ costs that can drive the cost of the project.  These fixed costs include architectural and engineering drawings & reports and excavation and foundation preparation. Additionally, new dedicated HVAC and electrical supplies to the new space are necessary. Depending on the square footage of the project, fixed costs can determine whether the addition is a good investment. Other considerations affecting a home addition are the set-back requirements for the home’s lot, ingress/egress limitations, and the overall budget. 

Moving Forward with a Home Addition or an Interior Remodel

Before anything else, first secure the services of an architect for a home addition project. Be sure to share your budget with the architect. A qualified professional can integrate your ideas for the new space with a plan that fits your budget.

After formal plans for the project are prepared, contact qualified licensed contractors in your area to obtain quotes. Before making a final selection on a contractor, check references and obtain copies of the contractor’s license with the state. Also ask for a copy of the contractor’s Certificate of Insurance (COI).