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Does an Attic Conversion Add Value to a Home?

We posed this question to Jim Meystedt, owner of the remodeling firm Reliant Construction Group (RCG). As one of the top Nashville remodeling contractors, RCG has lots of experience in this type of remodeling. Jim’s answer to the question was a resounding “yes” – with one caveat. The attic conversion needs to meet building codes to raise the value of a home. 

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A converted attic adds value to a home simply because of the additional square footage. From a resale perspective the new heated and cooled square footage has the same price per square foot as the rest of the home. But, by contrast, a finished base tends to count less per square foot in this calculation. But remember if the attic conversion doesn’t meet building codes, the square footage probably will not be considered at all by an appraiser.

Consult a Professional for an Attic Conversion

An attic conversion typically is not a D-I-Y project. Any alterations to an attic will affect the whole house, which requires complex construction considerations. So, you should engage a professional contractor for this type of renovation. 

Things to Consider

Most homes designs do not allow for the possibility of finishing the attic. So, conversions typically require structural modifications to allow for open space. The new space will also require a dedicated supply for heating and cooling.

Consider how you will use the space. The use for the new space can dramatically affect the cost for the project.  Bathrooms will require plumbing work which may be more expensive because of limited options for drains and supply lines.  Bedrooms require two egress options–which means a bedroom must have a window. Again, depending on the design of the home, this can be costly.

Call Reliant Construction Group for Your Attic Conversion

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